Death Toll Climbs to 14 After Tornado Outbreak; Heavy Rain Causes Flooding, Mudslides and Road Closures Across the South

December 25,2015 at 03:20 am

Tornadoes and severe storms slammed parts of the South and Midwest on Wednesday leaving at least 14 dead—including a 7-year-old boy in Mississippi—injuring at least 40 others and leaving a trail of damage across the country. Nearly 20 tornadoes have been reported, spread out across at least 10 states, and that number will likely grow as more reports come in. 

On Thursday, heavy rain flooded parts of Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina causing mudslides, multiple road closures. It also shut down two stations on Atlanta`s public rail system.

Officials in Mississippi have confirmed that four people were killed Wednesday evening in Benton County and two more in Marshall County in connection with the severe weather that swept through the area. Two are still missing in Benton and Tippah counties. 

Holly Springs coroner James Anderson told The Weather Channel that a 7-year-old boy was found dead in a van on Highway 7 outside Holly Springs in Marshall County. The boy`s family was taken in unknown condition to a nearby hospital. Anderson didn`t release any preliminary cause of death, but did confirm it was related to the severe weather in the area.

The three other deaths in Benton County were confirmed by the emergency management director for Benton County. The vicitms have not been identified, but Benton County Coroner Shane Ward said the dead are two men and one woman, all approximately in their 60s.

At least 40 people across six Mississippi counties were injured in severe storms, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

One person—an 18-year-old woman—died in Arkansas. The Tennessee Department of Health confirmed three fatalities on Wednesday evening in Tennessee. No further details were immediately available.

Here`s a look at the other problems that have been caused by these storms so far.