150,000 evacuated in South America floods

December 28,2015 at 02:17 am

Days of unrelenting rain have caused at least 10 deaths and led to the evacuations of at least 150,000 people in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in what officials are calling the worst flooding event in the area in 50 years. Torrential downpours led to the swelling of three major rivers, the Paraguay river, the Uruguay river, and the Quarai river. 

According to the BBC, Paraguay bore the brunt of the flooding force. Officials issued a state of emergency and called for the evacuation of 130,000 people.

In Paraguay`s capital of Asuncion, the Paraguay river rose to its highest level since 1992, according to Reuters, reaching more than 25 feet.

An additional 20,000 people left their homes in Argentina, while 1,800 people were evacuated in southern Brazil. 

The BBC reported that four people were killed by falling trees in Paraguay. Yahoo News reported that mudslides in Brazil have killed at least four people.

At least four people have died in Argentina and Uruguay, according to Yahoo News, one reported death from drowning and another reported death from electrocution by a falling power cable. 

In Uruguay, thousands of evacuated residents have been able to return to their homes, but authorities warn that high water levels will remain a persistent danger in days to come.